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We need your help to rebuild Jamestown

The unprecedented flood (14 of rain in 48 hours) and mudslides that hit Jamestown were a deadly and violent force, destroying the major infrastructure of our historic, small town.

We are a small mountain community working together to solve our problems... but we need your help!

What we have lost

What we have gained

Hope... Mother Nature may have destroyed much of our town but our community has never been stronger. We will be back!

What you can do

Donate... We are a small municipality within Boulder County with limited tax revenues.  We cannot do this on our own. Donations are being taken through the Boulder Community Foundation and are tax deductible. With your help we can rebuild our town, our homes, and our community.


Please be sure to designate your donation to Rebuild Jamestown


Donations can be sent by mail to:
Rebuild Jamestown Fund
1123 Spruce Street, Boulder, CO 80302

Checks payable to: Rebuild Jamestown Fund

Jamestown is a historic close knit mountain community that is a very special place. We have unique and immediate needs at this time after the flood and must completely rebuild our town infrastructure: water, sewer, roads, fire. The citizens of Jamestown need your help in this time of tragedy. You can help us to Rebuild Jamestown today by making a tax deductible donation through the Boulder Community Foundation. Thank you.  — Mayor Tara Schoedinger